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 Salon 2016

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Salon 2016 will be held from May 26 to 29

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 Purpose and objectives of our association:

Welcome to Courtepointe Québec Quilts. The purpose of C.Q.Q. is to establish and maintain quilting standards and to sponsor and support quilting activities, such as speakers, quilt shows, quilt making and collecting, to contribute to the growth of knowledge of quilting techniques, textiles and patterns, to share the history of quilts and their makers through educational meetings, travel and fellowship.

The many benefits of being a member of the CQQ include:

  1. A journal (newsletter) mailed to each individual member and member guilds twice a year
  2. Annual General  Meeting (get together, fun, vendors, workshops, show and tell)
  3. Guild support
  4. A provincial quilt exhibit every two years (quilts, workshops, merchants, quilts sale)
  5. Rosettes for guild shows
  6. Publicity and quilt show announcements